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What Are Good Containers for Ormus?


  Most people use HDPE containers but t he blue glass bottle is the preferred storage colour. If you transfer it to another container blue is preferred but dark will do better than clear.

 Put the glass or HDPE container (containing m-state) inside a steel tin such as those used for Christmas cookies, gourmet popcorn or potato chips.  HDPE containers, which are stable in acid and alkali so are ok to use to store ORMUS.


 G lass mason jars with wire-clamped glass lids and rubber gaskets or regular Glass jars with plastic lids

 A storage container that helps preserve the "spin charge" of M-state substances can be easily made from common household materials.


 Because m-state materials are superconductors, they should be stored in glass or HDPE containers inside of steel containers and away from moving magnetic fields.

  Although not traditional homeopathic formulas, these formulations are bottled  in amber glass bottles with glass droppers, the formula never comes into contact with plastic.

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