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David Hudson Monatomic Gold Recipe  


David Hudson monatomic gold recipe was developed from extensive research carried out by David Hudson for approximately fifteen years. In his research, he discovered “monoatomic elements”.  

These elements are actually unique minerals found in basalt rocks in Arizona. 

Named after him, this recipe utilizes Ormus elements that have been found to be intrinsic to all forms of life. They are closely linked with human consciousness and the levels of agility in life.  

Traditionally, Ormus elements have been identified as ordinary elements.  

However, during the development of David Hudson monatomic gold recipe these elements were observed to be distinct to the other periodic elements and were actually essentials to life. 

David Hudson monatomic gold recipe “Ormus gold” is achieved by concentrating approximately 99.9% of metallic gold.  

With these concentrate, David transformed it to Ormus gold after performing a special chemical processes. Surprisingly, besides receiving patents in other countries, the American government decided not to patent it for secrecy concerns. 



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