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How Do I Store Ormus Minerals


 Please protect the ORMUS from electromagnetic fields like microwaves, fluorescent lights, electric motors, refigrators, freezers etc so as to maintain its integrity. 

 The black polybag used for EMF protection can be used during shipping.

   The ORMUS container must be used to store the ORMUS in it to provide the greatest protection from potential degradation from the surrounding environment.

 Refrigeration is NOT required so do not store in the refrigerator.

 A quiet cupboard or closet away from appliances is where the ORMUS is happiest.

 Store m-state materials in the dark away from direct sunlight or ultraviolet light.

  It is preferred that it be stored in the dark, in a bedroom or bathroom.

 Store your ORMUS away from extremes of heat and cold

  • keep it away from bright light, 
  • especially fluoresc ent lighting and blacklights.
  • It is best stored cool 


 Keep Ormus away from cell phones or portable phone base stations.  


 Put the glass or HDPE container (containing m-state) inside a steel tin such as: those used for Christmas cookies, gourmet popcorn or potato chips. 

  If you live close to high tension electric transmission lines (within 500 feet) The Ormus bottle should be wrapped in at least three layers of aluminium foil and stored in a metal box, the thicker the better. 

 A wooden box or cabinet is an excellent place to start, however a sturdy cardboard box will suffice if you cannot obtain a wooden one.

  • Simply line the interior of the box with alternating layers of paper, plastic and aluminum foil, the more the merrier. 
  • Any type of paper will work, and a good, inexpensive source of suitable plastic would be some inexpensive "Report Covers" which any office supply store will yield. 
  • Two or three alternating layers of each material attached to each of the six interior surfaces will serve to maximize the potential of M-state materials stored within.   


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