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Sources of Ormus

Chapter 2

Sources of Ormus

As we explore the idea that Ormus is a foundation of vibrant life the question naturally comes to mind - in addition to the supplements many are using successfully to boost the levels of Ormus in their bodies, or are adding to their soil to reap Ormus's ability to revolutionize agriculture, where is Ormus most available from food sources?

Here's a look at some of the best natural places to find Ormus. While not in anywhere near the potency you will find in pure supplemental sources, this knowledge can be used to optimize your diet in conjunction with a smart supplement program.
How to get Ormus into your life today
This is nowhere near a complete list, but will certainly act as a good starting point.

Air, Mineral and Water Sources

Ormus is available in many areas all around us. Here are some of the most interesting that are being utilized today...

 Air: Yes, Ormus is found in the air we breathe. Rather interestingly more so in the air when there is a full moon according to recent research.

 Rock Sources: It's found most abundantly in rock dust from volcanoes and glacial rock dust.

 Salt Sources:  Salt such as Himalayan Crystal Salt which is very, very high in Ormus. Another sea and crystal salts contain its minerals, but less so in most cases.

 Water Sources: Sea water and spring water are both good sources which explain much of its beneficial effects on plants aquatic life and even for humans.

Plant, Vegetable and other Edible Sources

Beyond food sources, we are starting with those with those with the most Ormus first, by weight, and working our way down with a few brief notes where appropriate. In some cases this was less clear, but this is generally accurate.

 Concord grape juice:  An excellent source of Ormus in unsweetened concentrate. Potency does vary slightly by brand with Seneca seeming to have the edge in the brands tested.

 Carrot Juice: An excellent juice source. Carrot Juice is a close second to Concord Grape Juice.

 Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate Aloe Vera research reveals it helps with digestion, detoxification, the immune system
.  http://sacredsourcenutrition.com/top-12-benefits-of-aloe-vera/#

Almonds The benefits of adding almonds to one’s diet has been shown to help lower LDL-Cholesterol and reduce heart disease.   http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=20

 Water Cress: Don't skip these as David Hudson has repeatedly pointed towards Water Cress as a great bio-available source which is both affordable and widely available. http://www.hobbsknowledgebase.co.uk/wiki/Ormus_And_Its_Benefits2229984

 Blue Green Algae There are various nutritional benefits from the consumption of Blue Green Algae. The availability of magnesium, iron, proteins , and trace minerals help strengthen  the body.  
http://www.naturalnews.com/027053 spirulina blue-green algae health.html

 Apricot Seeds Apricots have been shown to help with heart health, digestion, eye health, and skin health.    http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/8-health-benefits-of-apricots.html

 Bee Pollen: Wild bee pollen, especially when harvested from bees living in volcanic regions is an abundant source. Bees in captivity produce dramatically less Ormus in their pollen. This is yet another example of the health dangers of factory farming and raising animals - often the appearance is the same, but important health benefits that are unseen are lost. http://www.hado-energy.com/ormus.php
 Blood Root Early settlers and Native Americans have used this product for troublesome skin conditions. It is best to seek medical advice. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has sanctioned it.    

 Chocolate  Some Ormus enthusiasts have blended Raw Chocolate with Ormus to reap a more enjoyable way to partake of the benefits from Ormus. http://www.meridianmassage.com.au/productDetails.cfm?id=126933&categoryid=863&subcategoryid=0&sort=id&sortdir=0&page=7&search=&newarrival=0&makeID=0&modelID=0&type=&bodyShape=&selYear=0

 Coconut water Naturally occurring resources for Ormus can be found in coconut water. http://ormusminerals.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-are-some-natural-sources-for-ormus.html

 Garlic The many health benefits of garlic include the benefit of Ormus. http://www.hobbsknowledgebase.co.uk/wiki/Ormus_And_Its_Benefits6187423

 Goji berries Chinese have used Goji berries for thousands of years which are a good source for Ormus. http://eck-tech.com/Ormus_Products.html

 Noni fruit Noni fruit is known for its richness of Ormus. http://aponinoni.blogspot.com/p/noni-fruit-is-one-of-most-incredible.html
 St. John's Wort
This is just one of the many resources for gaining the benefits of Ormus.

 Flax Seed and Flax Seed Oil: Flax carries a wide range of benefits in addition to being a source of Ormus. It is highly recommended for those interested in vibrant health as well as life extension.

 Matcha Tea – other Green teas This Japanese tea is a wonderful source for Ormus.

 Royal Jelly gleaming Ormus from royal Jelly is a way to improve your health.

Vanilla: Whole beans are the best choice in vanilla options.

Animal Sources
 Calf and Pig Brain By weight David Hudson's research revealed calf and pig brain to be roughly 5% Ormus by weight (specifically monatomic rhodium and monatomic iridium were found.) It was this discovery which led to the important conclusion that Ormus is an absolute essential part of healthy life in both animal and human. http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/health/sources.htm
It is clear Ormus is present all around us (and in us), but often only in small quantities in even the best of conditions. This is what has inspired thinking men in the past and the present to develop extraction processes to harness this building block of health and vitality in a concentrated, pure and potent form.

Now we are ready to take our exploration further. By the time we're done we will be secure in the knowledge of how to have our Ormus levels optimized in the most enriching, simple and affordable ways possible today!

Ormus from Seawater
Ormus from seawater as the name indicates is prepared from the sea water through a process known as the wet method that involves a series of stages to achieve the desired product.

The process is made up of the following stages:

·         Raising the PH of the sea water in a water solution up to 10.78 using a solution on sodium hydroxide.

·         Allowing the mixture to settle, and sieve the remains which are washed with clean water to acquire the product which is mainly composed of calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and small amount of m-state material.

The Ormus from seawater is mainly used for agriculture at a convenient rate of 10 to 30 liters per hectare which usually impacts positively on the crops. The application is done annually and the farmers have identified the method as a source of bumper harvests for both crops and pasture as it facilitates faster growth.

Research has shown that animals which consume plants grown with this precipitate increase the rate of survival by improving the health of the animal.

The research conducted on the effect of plants grown on soils fertilized with Ormus from seawater to animals, was found to cure breast cancer among the mice and hence this is replicated in human beings who use the same method to treat cancerous tissues.

This precipitate has a long residual effect on the food chain that allows the transfer of these vital benefits from one feeding level to the next. On using a precipitate of Ormus from seawater in farming as a fertilizer the farmers tend to use little or no pesticides at all as the crops develops resistance to insects and disease and also withstands draught conditions preventing losses to the farmer. The precipitate is known to improve soil aeration and Tilth and hence increasing the nitrogen fixation process.

Other effects to the plants with the Ormus fertilized soils include:

Increased rate of physiological processes like photosynthesis that eventually leads to faster maturity of crops and hence enabling them to escape unfavorable climate conditions. This has cushioned farmers against adverse effects of potential draught and loss of their investments.

·         High quality farm produce with longer shelf life as compared to others which lowers the post-harvest losses to the farmer and hence ensuring better sales when the market is favorable.  

·         The fruits produced are large in size and give a better taste.

·         This Ormus from seawater precipitate is cheap to apply in terms of cost and the overall benefits accrued cannot be matched to the cost incurred.

·         The farmer must not make the fertilizer as he can purchase from the available manufacturers of the product who sell it at competitive market prices. 

·         Other than using Ormus from seawater as human supplements, different uses have come up as a result of continued research on the effects of Ormus materials on the animals' lives and that of plants.

The response to these trials have yielded positive results which have led to increased use in this natural minerals in our activities

How to get Ormus into your life today

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