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Barry Carter brings decades of experience to the Ormus enterprise. With Barry Carter Ormus gains expertise in the fields of mineral extraction, computing, and engineering.  


Bringing both scientific knowledge and a deep sense of spirituality to Ormus, Barry Carter aims to develop solid theories explaining precisely how Ormus works. Thanks to Barry Carter Ormus may soon by fully explained.  


In particular, Barry Carter is interested in the key issue of how Ormus can be transformed into metal, and how metal can be transformed into Ormus.  


As well as working on a theoretical plan, Barry Carter has also developed five magnetic trap devices which will be useful in collecting and selling Ormus materials.  


Working with Barry Carter Ormus has become a much better enterprise. Now, customers can not only acquire Ormus products, but can keep themselves informed about the theories behind Ormus and the mechanisms by which it works its miraculous effects.  http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/index.htm 



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